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Roll Up Banner only £87.00 + VAT

Simply place the display on the floor, extend the pole, and pull
the graphic out of the self-winding cartridge... that's it

Pull up displays are without question the easiest way of presenting your brand and message quickly with maximum impact.
They are ideal for exhibitions, conferences or any situation where you want to display a message.
Pull up stands, also known as roller banners or retractable banner stands, work very much like a roller blind, only in reverse.
A flexible printed graphic is wound tightly in the base unit under tension and is pulled up from the floor and attached to the
top of an aluminum pole. It takes no more than a few seconds to set up and the same to pack away.
Why use a pull up stand?
   • Lightweight and portable
   • Seconds to assemble
   • Fantastic value for money
   • Can be positioned together to form a larger graphic or wall

• Display area 2000mm x 800mm
• Supplied with Full Colour Graphic
• Padded carry bag included
• Quick to assemble and easy to use 
• Printed on the highest quality media,
• Anti Curl with 100% Blockout 
• Quality assured & Guaranteed
• Weight 4 Kilos

Protect your graphic with with our anti scuff matt lamination + £15.00
Ideal if your product needs to be durable and withstand a more demanding environment.  

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More information
Our Banner stand is a solid entry level roller banner. It's a reliable, sturdy and cost effective roller banner at an entry level price. It's price is irresistible. Our system include photo quality printed graphics, printed on the highest quality synthetic silk-gloss print medium which is fire rated B1 • Quality Assured - The media is fully opaque and is suited for applications where a 100% blockout is needed.

More choice of Banners Sizes available from our sister site, Needcraft.co.uk
This Website has been created for online design and features the most popular display.
If you would like more choice of banner sizes or just want to make a straight purchase you can order from our other Website, Needcraft.co.uk

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